Microsuction is a gentle, professional, water-free procedure to remove ear wax, dry skin, foreign bodies and infective debris from your ears.

Here is how it works:

Binocular glasses and suction is used by trained Ear Nurses to clean your ear canal. This is the same method used by Ear Nose & Throat Specialist doctors. Ear suction is carried out with a small sucker attached to a low-pressure suction machine that works like a gentle vacuum cleaner. The nurse may also use fine instruments, such as tiny forceps and spoons, to help remove wax.

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Ear examination and consultation fee of both ears: $125

Goverment Pension/DVA/Health Care Card holders: $110 (not Seniors Card). 


Please visit our FAQ page for more information.

Taking Care Of Your Ears

It is normal for ears to contain wax. Ears are also self-cleaning! The skin cells within your canal work like a conveyor belt to move the wax out.


BUT using cotton buds, swimming regularly and other behaviors such as frequent headphone use can affect your ear's ability to clean itself.

That is why some people are more prone to blockages than others. It could also be genetic - things like narrow or curvy canals, lots of hair, and skin conditions can cause wax to build up.

Being exposed to dusty and loud environments can also cause blocked ears. Because of this we see a lot of tradesmen, construction site workers, swimmers, surfers, and musicians.


  • Use cotton buds (they can push wax further in or even damage your ear drum).

  • Use ear candles as these have been proven ineffective and misleading  (Seely et al, 1996).

  • Attempt to clean anywhere in your ear that you cannot see.

  • Stick anything in your ear smaller than your elbow.


  • Gently wipe the visible part of your ear with a damp cloth.

  • Use ear plugs in loud environments.

  • See an ear nurse for gentle micro-suction cleaning about once per year.