Workplace Check

Work exposure to pollution and loud noise environments can affect the way your ears process sound.  Pollutants such as saw dust, concrete dust, dirt, grime and paint to name a few.

Non- work factors can also contribute to hearing loss, most commonly the ageing process. In some employees, the effects of work related noise, dust and pollution may be difficult to distinguish from age related hearing loss without the access to proper ear examinations.


The Ear Nurses at Crystal Clear Ears can  provide  comprehensive ear checks and micro-suction ear cleaning in your workplace or by visiting one of our 10 clinics through Melbourne.

Ear Checks are best undertaken prior to  hearing screenings, tests and assessments being undertaken.

So, before you establish your employees’ level of hearing whether for annual review, WorkCover or for a new employee commencing, please call our friendly receptionist on 1300 260 750 for more information and to make a booking.

A minimum booking of 20 persons is requested

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