Can’t hear the Melbourne Cup??

Is my horse still running? Did I win?? Those racing commentators really know how to cram the names of 22 horses into a sentence. But, can you hear them? Hopefully it is not that you need a hearing aid for the Melbourne Cup, but you might need your ears cleaned. Lots of people have no idea that their ears have been very gradually blocking with earwax, so slowly they haven’t even noticed. Its also a very good first step if all your friends and relations seem to be mumbling, or the TV volume has slowly crept up to 40!

Visit our online appointment page, or call us during office hours (ph: 1300 260 750), to make a booking for our experienced Ear Nurses to examine your ears and clear them out gently and without water.
If you wear earplugs or hearing aids regularly, or use cotton buds to clean your ears, you are at high risk of blocked ears. For some lucky people, their ears stay clear and clean themselves automatically, but for lots of families, instead of inheriting money, they’ve inherited ears that block regularly.

Ear wax is not a bad thing, it actually has something technical called Lysozymes in it, that helps prevent infection (yes, who could believe that yuk factor stuff actually has a purpose).
However, as we all know, too much of a good thing, is not really that good for us, and specially not good if it makes our ears itchy, blocks our hearing, and drives us mad.
So, as well as your new hat for the racing season, treat your ears (and all those you communicate with on a daily basis!) to a lovely, gentle ear clean for crystal clear ears.