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Our nurses are trained to remove earwax
gently and professionally without water.

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Micro-suction is the safe, gentle way to
unblock ears and remove earwax.

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Earwax Removal

without syringes and water

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Crystal Clear Ears - Melbourne's first dedicated ear cleaning clinic

Blocked ears are really annoying!  Our nurses at Clinics across Melbourne clean your ears and give you relief without the discomfort of water syringing.

Our nurses use gentle, dry Micro-suction. Wax is removed under microscope using tiny spoons and gentle suction. The same techniques used by Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist doctors. Many Doctors and Audiologists send people to Crystal Clear Ears.

Many people suffer ear blockages from earwax and need regular cleaning. In the past, this meant a visit to the doctor who would generally use water syringing to flush out the wax.  For some this is not comfortable and sometimes leaves wax behind.

Hearing aid wearers are particularly prone to earwax build up which can make the hearing aid whistle, or just not work.

Crystal Clear Ears remove earwax from children and adults, clean ear infections, and remove objects stuck in the ear.

Bookings are available, no doctor’s referral required.

Don’t suffer from earwax. Visit Crystal Clear Ears and ‘Hear the Value’.

Professional ear cleaning services in Melbourne

Our nurses are qualified in the Nationally Accredited course Micro Suction and Aural Hygiene (10416NAT) as approved by Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)